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The ability to be everywhere and nowhere as long as you remain unobserved, allowing instant teleportation between any unobserved points.


The user can rely on the quantum mechanics principal of something being capable of being in two or more states simultaneously until observed (simplified to the "Schrödinger's cat" thought experiment by Erwin Schrodinger) to effectively exist in all unobserved points at once, only existing in a specific point when observed. In practice, it would seem to be the power to teleport between any unobserved points, and simply disapear when not observed.



Potential Variations

  • User may only be affected by being observed by a specific individual, allowing them to teleport right in front of people's eyes as long as they are not observed by one individual.
  • User may be limited to specific areas.


  • User cannot teleport to or from any observed point.
  • May not be able to use power while under automated surveillance, such as cameras.
  • May have to know the area they wish to teleport to.
  • Since the outcome of "Schrodinger's Cat" is probabilistic, this power shares the limitations of Probability Manipulation, and can also be affected by it.

Known Users

  • Schrodinger (Hellsing)
  • Mr. Teatime (The Hogfather); Movie version only
  • Iltutmish (Taboo Tattoo)

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