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The power to sustain all damage received until observed for a period of time by selected persons.


The user can endure all damage without being effected until observed by a designated viewer for an allotted time of observance. Observance may qualify as simply seeing the damage, or more complicated things such as medically examining the injuries.

This power is based off of Erwin Schrodinger's quantum mechanics thought-experiment. It allows the user to be able to be in a state of injury and non-injury at the same time unless the damage is measured or observed by an appointed person.




  • May have to have a relationship with a person to accept them as an observer.
  • Mental attacks may still have an effect.

Known Users

  • Schrodinger (Hellsing Ultimate)
  • Knights of the Source (Planescape)
  • Martin Hatch (Quantum Break)
  • Schrodingarian Meow (Space Dandy)