Ability to use the abilities of all types of scarecrow. Variation of Cryptic Physiology.

Also Called

  • Living Scarecrow Physiology
  • Scarecrow Mimicry
  • Straw Mimicry/Physiology
  • Straw-hat Mimicry/Physiology


The user is or has the ability to take on the form of scarecrow, which are connected to harvest, fear and (oddly enough) wisdom and knowledge, often also to inability to actually do anything. Much of their abilities relate to their near-weightless and non-living form, which gives them several abilities, but also the fatal weakness to fire.





  • Fire is a very lethal threat to the user's body.

Known Users

  • Kuebiko (Japanese Mythology)
  • Fiddlesticks (League Of Legends)
  • Scarecrow (Scarecrow)
  • Scarecrows (Doctor Who)
  • Scarecrow (Marvel Comics)
  • Straw Man (Marvel)
  • Scarecrow (DC Comics)
  • Scarecrow (Wizard Of Oz)
  • Cacnea (Pokémon)
  • Cacturne (Pokémon)
  • Basil Hawkins (One Piece)
  • Lord Pumpkin (The Ultraverse)
  • The Vanir (Supernatural)
  • Birdy (Conker)
  • Lantern (Disgaea)
  • John Scarecrow (Generator Rex)
  • Scarecrow (Hatoful Boyfriend)
  • Spud (Bob the Builder)
  • Creatures with subtype: Scarecrow (Magic the Gathering)
    • Heap Doll/Reaper King (set: Shadowmoor)
  • Mervyn Pumpkinhead (The Sandman/Vertigo)
  • Scarecrow (Valkyrie Crusade)
  • Scarecrows (Goosebumps)
  • Guardian ÄRM, Scarecrow (Marchen Awakens Romance)
  • Living Scarecrow (Mona the Vampire)
  • Pierre (The Legend of Zelda)