"A second chance. But redemption follows not a change of body, but a change of heart"
― The Conversion Ending Words (The Outer Limits)
"You don't need a reason to help people."
― Zidane Tribal (Final Fantasy IX)

The power to retrieve, save, and restore souls from damnation.

Also Called

  • Deliverance
  • Redemption
  • Soul/Spiritual Purification
  • Spiritual Redemption


The user can save souls from sins and consequences, also one can undo Contract Bestowal. They can redeem souls and release them from condemning influences, they can also restore damaged souls and spirits, including purification of souls.




  • In order for the power to work the user needs to have a pure soul.
  • May have to trade to/with something else, such as another soul.
  • Weak against Eternal Sin Inducement.

Known Users

  • Kamisato Kakeru (A Certain Magical Index); via World Rejector
  • God (Judeo-Christianity)
  • Jesus (Christianity)
  • Shaka (Saint Seiya)
  • Muhammed (Islam)
  • Jiyuu Nanohana (Jubei-Chan: Secret of the Lovely Eyepatch)
  • Angels (Religions)
  • Buddha (Buddhism)
  • Cross (666 Satan)
  • Dante Alighieri (Dante's Inferno); via Beatrice's holy cross
  • Athena (Saint Seiya)
  • Aaron Corbett (Fallen)
  • Kagari (Rewrite)
  • Angels (Supernatural)
  • ANOTHER (Toriko); after being prepared
  • Youmu Konpaku (Touhou); via Hakurouken

Known Objects

  • White Kakugane (Buso Renkin)