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The ability to create and manipulate divine ice. Variation of Holy Water Manipulation. Combination of Divine Force Manipulation and Ice Manipulation. Opposite to Demonic Ice Manipulation.

Also Called

  • Angelic Ice
  • Divine Ice Manipulation
  • Heavenly Ice
  • Holy Cryokinesis
  • Sacred Ice
  • Sancti-Cryokinesis


The user can create, shape, and manipulate holy ice that's highly effective against the supernatural, such as demons and/or angels. The effectiveness, in question, can range from trapping and/or immobilizing to outright banishing or killing supernatural threats. Furthermore, divine ice may have other properties and abilities, such as healing, Resurrection, summoning angels and/or spirits of the deceased from Heaven to the material plane.




Known Users

  • Aurora (Valkyrie Crusade)

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