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The power to surpass the rules of reality. Sub-power of Freedom. Variation of Cheating. Advanced variation of Living Anomaly.

Also Called

  • Law Transcendence
  • Rule Surpassing


User can transcend any/all laws/rules that make up reality, instead of breaking the rules of any system, they are out in out surpassing them, for example, say there is an ironclad rule that states that no matter one does, they can't go above a certain rank of divinity, but with this, they can transcend that and reach the status of an almighty being or escape from a place that not only has no exits, but inhabitants can actually force them to stay the user could not only escape but even prevent themselves from being taken back.

Unlike Cheating, the user isn't simply breaking the rules, it's more like they are rewriting the rules in the middle of a game.




Known Users

See Also: Beyond The Impossible


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