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The power to change the contents, placements, objects and orientations of any room. Sub-power of Spatial Manipulation.

Also Called

  • Chamber Shifting


User can change/shift the contents, objects, placements, orientations, space and even the entirety of any/all chambers/rooms, depending on how, when, where and why its entered. Such as entering a room that's a normal bedroom one minute, but then after coming back into it a few seconds later it now leads to a full sized gym.

Almost any aspect of the room can be changed depending on the users skill and the room in question.




Known Users

  • Leprechaun (Nanana's Buried Treasure)
  • Beatrice (Re:Zero)
  • Cardinal (Sword Art Online); Alicization Arc only

Known Locations

  • Unseen University (Discworld)


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