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"Bliss looked down at her blue composition notebook. The first question had concerned the Mayflower journey, Pilgrims, and the founding of the thirteen colonies. Since she had lived through it, all she'd had to do was close her eyes and she could see their desolate settlement. She was sure to pull top marks."
― Bliss Llewellyn, from the Blue Bloods series using this power.
The power to access all the knowledge that has been accumulated over the years.

Also Called

  • Animadverto (Blue Bloods Universe)


The users of this power had no recent knowledge about certain things, but they are able to access past memories to remember everything they've learned over the years or their past lives.



  • The user may have never learned what needs to know now.

Known Users

  • Blue Bloods (Blue Bloods Series)
    • Mimi Force
    • Jack Force
    • Bliss Llewellyn; before being turned into a mortal and a wolf.
    • Lawrence Van Alen
    • Allegra Van Alen
  • Ingrid Beauchamp (Beauchamp Family Series); very limited.

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