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The ability to resurrect someone as well as blessing them. Variation of Resurrection and Resurrection Empowerment. Opposite to Resurrection Curse.

Also Called

  • Resurrection Blessing


The user can resurrect someone, bringing them back from the dead and also blessing them or otherwise laying a good effect in the process. Such effects range from altering the targets physical/mental being (making them stronger or more intelligent), altering the future to ensure they live a good life or resurrect someone automatically if the target doesn't want to truly die.




  • The target can negate the blessing if they wish.
  • Resurrection Curse may override/overpower the user.
  • The target could be permanently lost if:

Known Users

  • Eve (Elemental Gelade)
  • Kaiser Dragon (Final Fantasy VI Advance)
  • Chiffon Fairchild (Freezing); granted true pandora status to Rattle and Amelia.
  • Eru Iluvatar (The Lord of the Rings)
  • God (Supernatural); promoted Castiel to seraph upon resurrection.