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The power to connect different dimensions, universes or realities together. Opposite of Realm Closure.

Also Called

  • Reality Connection/Link


User can connect any realm/reality to another, either temporarily or permanently. Connected realities can lead to exchanges of objects, forces and even people.




  • Can cause merging if overused.
  • Cannot connect to locked realities.

Known Users

  • Will of the Mental World (Big Order)

Known Objects

  • Eye of God (El-Hazard)
  • Interdimensional Rift (Gravity Falls)
  • Stanford's Portal (Gravity Falls)
  • Keyblade (Kingdom Hearts)
  • Realm Crystal (Lego Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu)
  • Gate Rune (Suikoden)
  • The Dyad Tree (Every Witch Way and WITS Academy)


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