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The power to interface with reality and control it like the settings for a system. Sub-power of Diverse Interface and Virtual Warping. Technique of Meta Variable Manipulation.

Also Called

  • Existence Interface
  • Kankara Formula
  • Reality Settings


User can interface with and control existence/reality like the settings for a system, allowing them to manipulate it like any type of system such as computer, in supernatural, physical, metaphysical, mental, conceptual, etc. level.

User can rewrite various natural/supernatural phenomena, bring anything into existence or erase it, command reality to defeat ones foes, implant messages into various structures up to and/or including the fabric of reality allowing them to redefine its properties.

Unlike Virtual Warping, user is not limited to interfacing with reality like a computer system, but as any type of system.




  • Weak against Variable Collapse.
  • May be limited to pre-set options or adjusting reality by certain amounts.

Known Users

  • Angel Metatron (Accel World)
  • Four Gods (Accel World)
  • The Precursors (Halo); via Neural Physics
  • Ajuka Beelzebub (Highschool DxD)
  • Guy (Hitsugi no Chaika)
  • Magic Users (Scrapped Princess)
  • Unknown Precursors (Stargate Universe)

Known Objects

  • True Words (Planescape)
  • OPA's (Star Ocean)


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