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Reactive Attribute Enhancement

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The ability to develop enhancements for situations, combat or tasks. Variation of Reactive Adaptation.

Also Called

  • Adapting Enhancement
  • Conditional Reactive Enhancement
  • Reactive Condition
  • Situational Reactive Enhancement


User gains enhancements in the form of enhanced attributes in response to a situation they may be in. The duration may be permanent, or may usually lasts for the entirety of a situation and for the duration of a fight or when until a task is complete.




  • Applies only to attributes.
  • Users may or may not be able to control enhancements.
  • Usually dependent upon a direct threat to the person, resulting in responsive action.
  • May only be temporary.
  • May take longer to activate every time it is used.
  • May not be able to reach absolute levels of enhancements.
  • May have a delayed responds.

Known Users

  • Killer Croc (Batman: Arkham Knight)
  • Saiyans (Dragon Ball)
  • Nene Nanakorobi (Koukaku no Pandora)
  • Garou (Onepunch Man)