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The power to manipulate radio waves and frequencies. Sub-power of EM Spectrum Manipulation. Variation of Radiation Manipulation.

Also Called

  • Radio Control
  • Radio Distortion
  • Radio Frequency Manipulation/Control
  • Radio Wave Manipulation/Control


The user can manipulate radio waves and frequencies as well as things that use radio waves, such as AM and FM waves, TV radio waves/frequencies as well as waves/frequencies from cell phones, AM or FM radio, Radar, and so on.


  • Radar Sense
  • Radio Frequency Detection
  • Intercept and interpret messages in radio waves
  • Broadcast your own messages by using radio waves
  • Can jam signals to disrupt broadcast
  • Can affect radio wave relaying things like satellites an radio towers
  • Can affect radio waves/frequencies between cell phones
  • Can affect TV radio waves/frequencies
  • Can affect AM or FM radio waves/frequencies
  • Can affect Wi-Fi technology
  • Can affect Radar radio waves/frequencies (and use them to get by radars unnoticed)
  • Can make it so a TV program or Radio station broadcasts to another area outside the local area
  • Can use radio waves as near-invisible energy blasts on opponents
  • Can affect remote control objects



  • The power may be limited in terms of range for the user, so the user may only be able to affect local waves
  • Electromagnetic noise and electromagnetic pulses may affect the user's power in a negative way

Known Users

  • Kilohertz (Mutant X)
  • Mary Jane (S-CRY-ed); manga only

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