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The power to manipulate mystical/physical forces on quantum level. Variation of Quantum Manipulation. Form of Magic.

Also Called

  • Quasi-Mysticism
  • Quantum Occultism
  • Science/Magic as One.


Users can twist the rules of science and mysticism around in order to manipulate the forces of reality to a near infinite degree.

Where the physical portion of quantum physics may lack, or are ill defined in, the pataphysical extent fills in and broadens its otherwise unexplored horizons.

Through usage of Quantum Magic a practitioner is able to exploit both the natural and supernatural forces of the meta structure to infinite degrees, giving the user all but unlimited possibilities to work around with.



Known Users

  • Adam Warlock (Marvel Comics)
  • The Magus (Marvel Comics)
  • Dr. Strange (Marvel Cinematic Universe)

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