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The ability to implant memories, thoughts, and emotions. Sub-power of Mental Manipulation and Telepathy. Variation of Mind Control.

Also Called

  • Mental/Emotional Implantation
  • Mental/Emotional Surplus/Tampering


User can implant memories, thoughts and emotions into the minds of others in order to manipulate them. They are able to make a person do anything they desire, even commit suicide.




  • Does not work on mindless beings (corpses, animated objects, robots, etc.).
  • May be limited to a certain range to work, including touch only.
  • May be limited to certain number of targets at a time.
  • May not be able to remove implanted thoughts, emotions, and memories.
  • Users of Psychic Shield are either immune or highly resistant.

Known Users

  • Alien Parasites (Rick and Morty)
  • Pushers (Push)
    • Kira Hudson 
    • Henry Carver
  • Blue Bloods and certain Witches (Blue Bloods and the Beauchamp Family Series)
    • Mimi Force
    • Jack Force
    • Bliss Llewellyn (before being turned into a human a wolf)
    • Dylan Ward
    • Schuyler Van Alen
    • Lawrence Van Alen
    • Charles Force
    • Allegra Van Alen
    • Jean-Baptiste Mésomier
    • Bran Gardiner
    • Mardi Overbrook
    • Molly Overbrook
    • Alberich (Nibelung)
  • Daphne Powell (No Ordinary Family)
  • Matt Parkman (Heroes)
  • Maury Parkman (Heroes)
  • Andy McGee (Firestarter)
  • The Giver (The Giver)
  • Jonas (The Giver)
  • Homura Akemi via experiments (Puella Magi Madoka Magica)
  • Influencers (Alphas)
  • Nina Theroux (Alphas)
  • Kimi Milard (Alphas)
  • Inception (Inception)
  • Charles zi Britannia (Code Geass)
  • Lelouch vi Britannia (Code Geass)
  • Parish (Dream Warrior)
  • Vampires (The Vampire Diaries)
  • Hybrids (The Vampire Diaries)
  • Originals (The Vampire Diaries & The Originals)
  • Fiona Good (American Horror Story: Coven)
  • Nan (American Horror Story: Coven)
  • Moroi (Vampire Academy)
  • Lissa Dragomir (Vampire Academy)
  • Laura Sanz (The Subject No. 1)
  • Shisui Uchiha (Naruto)
  • Itachi Uchiha (Naruto)
  • Danzō Shimura (Naruto)
  • Silas (The Graveyard Book)
  • Naminé (Kingdom hearts)


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