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The power to hold domain in purgatory, the afterlife in between heaven and hell. Variation of Afterlife Lordship. Not to be confused with Limbo Lordship

Also Called

  • Earthly Afterlife
  • Purgatory Domain
  • Lord Of Purgatory
  • Lord Of Mount Purgatory
  • The Kingdom Between Heaven and Hell


The user has authority and duty in Purgatory, the afterlife in-between heaven and hell. In this place of judgment, those who have sinned but who die a 'good' person, are temporarily damned with absolute agony so they may be purified and rise to in earthly paradise and further on.



Known Users

  • Aesir (Bayonetta 2)
  • God (Catholicism)
  • Moloc (Sleepy Hollow)


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