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"Product of genetic engineering, battle-hardened Magitek Knight, with a spirit as pure as snow.."
― Celes Chere Introduction (Final Fantasy VI)

The ability to have a soul of extreme purity or light. Variation of Other Soul. Opposite to Dark Soul.

Also Called

  • Light Soul
  • Soul of Good/Light/Purity


User possesses a soul that is completely devoid of evil or darkness. This soul often results in the user being driven to defensive and good-natured uses. This type of soul often causes the wielder to become painful or otherwise very difficult for those of ill intent to touch or keep hold of.




  • May be incapable of using powers for attacking due to a lack of violence.
  • Though some may be completely immune to darkness, a complete lack of said darkness may in some cases leave the user vulnerable due to a lack of internal resistance.
  • May lose powers to someone with Soul Absorption.
  • Weak against Omni Corruption Inducement.

Known Users


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