"This power is not to defeat. This is the power to push forward!"
― Ryu (Street Fighter) explaining to M. Bison the Power of Nothingness and its differences from Satsui no Hado

The ability to manipulate the energy of the body that is powered by purified forces. Result of Chi Manipulation when purified by good. Spiritual counterpart to Pure Aura Manipulation. Opposite to Dark Chi Manipulation.

Also Called

  • Good Chi/Ki Control/Manipulation
  • Light Chi/Ki Control/Manipulation
  • Pure Chi/Ki Control
  • Purified Chi/Ki Control/Manipulation


Users are able to control chi that has been purified and controlled by positive energy a.k.a good. Due to this, they gain access to powerful abilities and forces that are able to give the user incredible power when fighting darker forces. However, the user must maintain a mind clear of emotion or thought, free of fear, anger, and ego, at peace with the world around them without being burdened with worry, desire, or doubt.




  • Benefits only remain so long as the user can maintain a mind clear of worldly concerns and desires.
  • Training to achieve the level of control needed for this power requires an immense amount of effort and time.

Known Users