"Not ninjutsu, Ninshū! My Ninshū was created to inspire hope. Do not confuse it with ninjutsu, which was made to create war!"
― Hagoromo Otsutsuki (Naruto)

The ability to manipulate the purified spiritual essence. Positive form of Aura Manipulation. Spiritual counterpart of Pure Chi Manipulation. Opposite to Dark Aura Manipulation. Not to be confused with Light Aura.

Also Called

  • Good Aura/Chakra Manipulation
  • Pure Aura/Chakra Control
  • Purified Aura/Chakra Manipulation
  • Sacred Aura/Chakra Manipulation

Other Terms

  • Six Paths Chakra (Naruto)
  • Sacred Energy (Yu Yu Hakusho)


User can manipulate the aura around them that has been purified of dark forces. Users are capable of withstanding the power of their aura with intense discipline, rather than being subsumed with dark intent. If not only discipline, the user could also be one of iron faith and determination. Similar to its counter-ability, Pure Chi Manipulation, the users gain a multitude of versatile powers to use their command, but the user does not only have these abilities active when facing those who have darker intent.




  • Can only be maintained so long as the user maintains discipline over the effects, including likely a certain state of mind.
  • Having a purified aura does not necessarily mean that it is completely immune to Corruption Manipulation.

Known Users