The power to warp reality via psychic powers. Combination of Psionics and Reality Warping.

Also Called

  • Psychic Warping


Users are frightening anomalies in the field of psychic powers. Unlike other psionics, whose abilities simply strengthen in magnitude as they grow more powerful (greater power, larger scale, keener perception, more precise control), for some reason their own underwent a crucial change of nature at some unknown point, forever turning them into something entirely different.

From this moment onward, users start to exhibit increasingly disturbing feats that go beyond telepathy and telekinesis while retaining aspects of both, as if they were fused into something greater, something beyond patterns and understanding.

Sudden hallucinations that turn out to be more, thoughts and emotions permeating people and places to the point of changing them, surroundings and landscapes twisted beyond what physics allows, locations, appearances and even natures (especially users) changing drastically without explanation, and inner worlds bleeding in and out of reality are but a few examples of the users' fearsome potential.

In short, users possess downright unnatural psionic might, allowing them to warp the very fabric of reality.

Applications (Essential)

Applications (Signature)



  • Users may have limited control over their power.
  • May be associated with a state of altered consciousness.

Known Users

Known Objects

  • Medusa Virus (King of Thorn)