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The power to be formed of pure, materialized psionic forces.

Also Called

  • Psionic Entity


The user's "body" is formed from psionic forces and materialized thought making them immune to all forms of physical attacks. Due to being a psychic entity the user would have psionic powers that would appeared limitless maybe even god-like.




  • If the host of the entity faces them in their own mind, the entity may lose control.

Known Users

  • AIM Burst Entity (A Certain Scientific Railgun)
  • Phoenix Force (Marvel Comics)
  • Onslaught (Marvel Comics)
  • Uni-Mind (Marvel Comics)
  • Shadow King (Marvel Comics)
  • Devil Hulk (Marvel Comics)
  • Akira (Akira)
  • Proteus (Marvel Comics)
  • Rockslide (Marvel Comics)
  • Dream Demons (Dream Eater Marry)
  • The Summoning Dark (Discworld)
  • Bill Cipher (Gravity Falls)


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