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The power to manipulate elements of pure psychic energy. Combination of Psychic Energy Manipulation and Elemental Manipulation.

Also Called

  • Psycho-Atmoskinesis
  • Mental Element Manipulation
  • Psi-Ecokinesis


The user can form their psychic energies into physical elements and manipulate the psychic element created.



  • The range, magnitude and amount of psychic element depends on mental strength.
  • If the user is mentally unstable, the psychic element created by them will be too.

Known Users

  • Phoenix Force (Marvel); fire
  • Jean Grey (Marvel); via Phoenix Force, fire
  • Rachel Grey (Marvel); via Phoenix Force, fire
  • SeGa (Marvel); vapor
  • Ana (Mother); fire, ice, lightning, darkness
  • Ness (Earthbound); light
  • Paula (Earthbound); fire, ice, lightning
  • Poo (Earthbound); ice, lightning
  • Lucas (Mother 3); light
  • Kumatora (Mother 3); fire, ice, lightning, earth
  • Neku Sakuraba (The World Ends With You); all of the elements
  • Jinzo (Yu-Gi-Oh!); electricity
  • Yakone (Legend of Korra)
  • Amon (Legend of Korra)
  • Chamber (Marvel)
  • Azaka Kokutou (TYPE-MOON); fire


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