The power to use a combination of psionics and technology. Combination of Technological Constructs and Psionics. Psionic variation to Advanced Technology.

Also Called

  • Psi-/Psy-Tech
  • Psi-/Psy-Technology
  • Psybernetics


User can create and manipulate technology that is powered by psionic power of the user, whether in part or entirely. Using this technology, they can augment or focus their psionic energy, or can even utilize psionics in means that they cannot use it without said technology.




  • Psychic Inhibitors can limit or entirely restrict use of the technology.
  • People with Anti-Psychic Presence can inhibit use of this technology or be immune to its effects.
  • Users of this technology must be capable of using psionic powers.

Known Users

Known Items