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Power to use the abilities of a psychic vampire. Psychic variation of Vampire Physiology.

Also Called

  • Empathic Vampirism
  • Energyvore
  • Psychic Vampirism
  • Pranic Vampirism


User is a Psychic Vampire, a.k.a psi-vampire: a being who feeds on the life force or psionic forces of other beings, rather than blood. This ability doesn't change users physiology unless they become an astral vampire, user only gets a craving and the power to devour energy.



  • Astral Vampire - Spirits who feed of off of people's energy from a distant place.
  • Elemental Vampire - Feed off of nature's life force.
  • Emotional Vampire - Feeds off of others' emotions.
  • Memory Vampire - Feeds off of others' memories.
  • Tantric Vampire - Feeds off of sexual energy.


  • Cannot feed on those with a protective charm and amulet.
  • Cannot feed on those with a type of shield around them.

Known Users

  • Zombozo (Ben 10)
  • Bloody Mary (DC)
  • Selene Gallio (Marvel)
  • La Lunatica (Marvel)
  • Madelyne Pryor (Marvel)
  • Vetala vampires (Pathfinder)
  • Returned (Warbreaker/Cosmere)

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