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The power to lock the properties of anything. Sub-power of Property Manipulation. Variation of Status Lock.

Also Called

  • Property Lock


User can lock the properties of anything, allowing them to prevent any outside change/force from affecting the object. Any/all of an objects properties can be locked such as size, weight, mass, gravitational pull, shape, etc. This can also cause the object in question from being broken, damaged or destroyed by making it immutable to change, for example using this power on a vase could make it totally unbreakable to any form of harm whether its physical, conceptual or supernatural.

Objects that are locked may also be impossible to move since their personal gravity would be locked as well.




  • May be limited to locking only certain properties.
  • Users of Absolute Change can bypass the lock.

Known Users

  • Maria Traydor (Star Ocean: Til the End of Time); via Alteration
  • Tsunami (Steel Angel Kurumi)


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