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The ability to take control of one's programming. Sub-power of Technology Manipulation.

Also Called

  • Program
  • Program Manipulation
  • Reprogram
  • Reprogramming


The user can program a certain function in others to change their pattern of behavior or take control of them. Those who are themselves machine may transmit their own programming into other machines in order to continue living. This power is considered stronger than some aspects of Technology Manipulation in controlling other machines, because user does not have to constantly maintain their control, they just have to program them to follow their orders.



  • Could be limited to certain things (machines, organic brains, etc.)

Known Users


  • Cybernetroids (Cybernetrix)
    • Omegas
    • Xivia

Comic Books

  • Grid (DC)
  • Cyborg (DC)
  • Ultron (Marvel)

Video Games

  • Didact (Halo)
  • Librarian (Halo)


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