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Powerful Objects
The Infinity Gauntlet (Marvel)

Powerful Object:

Item(s) that grant(s) incredible powers/abilities

Objects that grant wielders untold powers and hidden abilities.

Also Called

  • Magic Objects
  • Mystic Items
  • Mystic Objects
  • Power Items
  • Powerful Items


Some immensely strong and powerful Objects in fictional universes (such as the DC, Marvel, W.I.T.C.H) can grant numerous superpowers to the wielder. Some of these objects are sentient and have a mind and will of their own and can even take full possession of their host's mind and body if the host is in grave danger, or when the host is angered or enraged. These sentient artifacts/objects can even speak through their host when it takes full control over the host's body and mind. The voice of the object depends upon the sex of its chosen host. For example: if the host is female than the voice of the artifact is female, same goes for male. The voice of the artifact is much deeper than its host and even alters his or her personality. Most items are accompanied by Powers Via Object.


The common abilities include:




  • There is no telling how powerful objects will fare against each-other.
  • Power is useless if object is destroyed.
  • If the creator is killed, the objects may not function.
  • Might require two or more powerful objects to function.
  • Object may need to recharged for different periods of time. (I.E Master Sword)
  • Object(s) may require a person and/or people to be embodied with their power(s).
  • Object(s) may control the free will of the user(s) if used for prolonged periods of time.

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