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"I won't hurt you. I'll just destroy your Stand."
― Rohan Kishibe to Ken Oyanagi, Jojo's Bizarre Adventure

The power to destroy any/all powers. Sub-power of Superpower Manipulation. Variation of Destruction. Ultimate form of Power Erasure. Opposite of Ability Creation.

Also Called

  • Complete/True Power Destruction/Erasure
  • Superpower Destruction


User can destroy any/all powers, completely destroying target's abilities and natural affinity to supernatural means, making them unrecoverable by any form of Power Restoration.




Known Users

  • Ganta Igarashi and Shiro (Deadman Wonderland); via Power Resonance
  • Nerissa (Mako Mermaids); as the Water Dragon
  • Witches (The Secret Circle)
  • Tommy Clark (Heroes Reborn); via Power Absorption
  • Rohan Kishibe (Jojo's Bizarre Adventure); via Heaven's Door


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