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The power to cause others to lose control over their powers. Sub-power of Superpower Manipulation.

Also Called

  • Ability Control Negation
  • Superpower Manipulation Negation


The user can cause others to lose control over their abilities, such as causing a user of Electricity Manipulation to constantly and uncontrollably generate electricity and cause unwanted damage, cause a user of Radiation Manipulation to emit deadly amounts of radiation without meaning to, etc.




  • May be harmed in the process.
  • May not be able to turn it off.

Known Users

  • Grand Caster (Fate/Grand Order); via Ten Rings of Solomon

Known Objects

  • Adrenaline (Heroes); caused Meredith Gordon to uncontrollably create fire to the point of burning down Primatech.
  • Power8 (X-Men Evolution)

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