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An object that boosts the user's power(s). A variation of Powers via Object and Affinity.

Also Called

  • Amplifier Artifact
  • Upgrade Device


User has access to objects that boost user's power.


Known Users

See also: Amplifier Artifact

  • Humans (Earth Creatures); via Technology or Lucky Charm
  • Symbiotes (Marvel)
  • Elize Lutus (Tales of Xillia)

Known Objects

  • Ecto-Skeleton (Danny Phantom)
  • Fruit of the Tree of Might (Dragon Ball Z)
  • Philosopher's Stone (Fullmetal Alchemist)
  • Shikon Jewel (InuYasha)
  • Dragon Medallion (Mortal Kombat)
  • Demon's Blood Talismans (Slayers)
  • Chaos Emeralds (Sonic the Hedgehog series)
  • Master Emerald (Sonic the Hedgehog series)
  • Keystone of Bezel (Ben 10)
  • Runes and Bone Charms (Dishonored)


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