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The power to create a world/planetary utopia. Sub-power Universal Utopia Creation.

Also Called

  • Eden/Heaven/Paradise World Creation
  • Golden Age World Creation
  • Planet/World Utopia Creation


User can create any unique kind of perfect or close to perfect world, a benevolent planet where everyone and anything can coexist constantly and adjust in personal peace and optimal happiness towards all living things in harmony. Everyone learns to respect and care for all life, avoiding any suffering for each other, truly uniting all the existence of the worlds/country/states wither it be natural/supernatural normal/paranormal anything with its own purpose and destiny and ideally fitted to the task a golden age of ones' world.

All things in life are united and by the daily experience of life's wonders and a complete lack of fear regarding their own mortality, changes or differences were everything can forever coexist as equals regardless of their nature.




  • Can be threatened by outside forces.
  • Can only apply to a world.
  • May come at a price.
  • May not last forever.
  • Suffering can still be apart of life/existence.
  • Can still be weak against Planet Destruction.

Known Users

  • Martian (DC); before the extinction.
  • Athena (DC); Paradise Island.
  • Overlords (Childhood's End); at a price.
  • Gatekeepers (Children Who Chase Lost Voices); Agartha
  • God (Abrahamic Religions); Eden.
  • Valar (The Lord of the Rings); Undying Lands/Valinor
  • The Architect (The Matrix); temporary.

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