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"Forget the Earth! I can destroy the entire Solar System with my energy now!"
― Cell, Dragon Ball Z

The power to destroy solar systems. Sub-power of Destruction. Opposite to Planetary System Creation.

Also Called

  • Solar System Bust/Buster/Busting/Destruction


The user can destroy entire planetary systems.



  • May be limited to a certain size or type of solar system.

Known Users

  • Superman Pre Crisis (DC Comics); via Sneezing
  • Silver Surfer (Marvel Comics)
  • Michael (Bastard)
  • Nono (Diebuster)
  • Captain Planet (Captain Planet and the Planeteers)
  • Various alien civilizations and powerful characters (Doctor Who)
  • Beerus (Dragon Ball)
  • Cell (Dragon Ball)
  • Sephiroth (Final Fantasy VII); via Supernova
  • Angol Mois (Sgt Frog)

Known Weapons

  • System Destroyer (Gall Force)
  • Project Arcturus (Stargate Atlantis); via overloading
  • The Starkiller Base (Star Wars: The Force Awakens)


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