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Physics Manipulation
the symbol of Physics

Power/Ability to:

manipulate the laws of physics

Power to manipulate the laws of physics. Sub-power of Science Manipulation.

Also Called

  • Physikinesis


The Laws of Physics is under the user's command, with it they can control matter and motion, for example, change the direction a ball moves and how fast it travels.

Users of this can bend and even break the laws of physics. Master-level users can write their own laws of physics and impose it on others.


  • Make a car crash more or less destructive than it should be.
  • Make someone who's going at the speed of light get to their location immediately, ignoring the amount of time it normally takes for light to get to one place to another.
  • Make an asteroid strike more or less destructive.
  • Make your physical combat e.g. punch or kick do more damage than it should
  • Cause Destruction I.E making a pin drop act as a meteor
  • May have some form of Cartoon Physics



  • May be uncontrollable at a low level.
  • May be highly reactive to magic.
  • if you abuse this power you can cause a paradox (illogical paradox,ontological paradox,)

Known Users

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