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The power to distort the laws of physics. Sub-power of Physics Manipulation.

Also Called

  • Physics Defiance/Disruption


The user can distort the laws of physics to alter the fabric of reality particularly according to their ability to perform this feat. By distorting the law of physics a user can warp reality or even tear apart the fabric of universe to cause a numerous bizarre occurrences or what warped reality they choose to occur. A few abilities that a user of this power are able to preform are shifting the balance of universe, loop time and even defy gravity.




  • A power like this may be difficult to control.
  • The effects of this power may affect the user.

Known Users

  • Bugs (Ah! My Goddess)
  • Nuku-Nuku (All-Purpose Cultural Catgirl Nuku-Nuku)
  • Hellmouth (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)
  • Mad Jim Jasper (Marvel Comics)
  • Source (DC Comics)
  • Creasion (Senyu)
  • Nagilum (Star Trek: TNG)
  • Idol (Tenchi Muyo GXP)
  • Kakine Teitoku (Toaru Majutsu No Index)
  • Richard Waterson (The Amazing world of Gumball) only works when he is employed
  • Star Boy (DC Comics)

Known Objects

  • Accelerate-inator (Phineas and Ferb); via short-circuiting

Known Locations

  • Aori (Bloodivores)


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