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The power to enter a dormant state as a statue, from which the user emerges fully rejuvenated. A combination of Healing Coma and Petrification.

Also Called

  • Healing Petrification
  • Petrifactive Healing
  • Self-Petrification
  • Statue State
  • Stone Sleep


The user can transform themselves into a statue in order to heal and be prevented from further harm, and returns to normal when they have fully healed.



  • Animation may negate the effects of the statue state.
  • If the user is not experienced, they may not be able to restore themselves.
  • Others may be able to restore the user before they have fully healed.
  • User is completely helpless while in the statue state.

Known Users

  • The Baron (The Cat Returns)
  • Gargoyles (Walt Disney's Gargoyles)
  • Weeping Angels (Doctor Who)

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