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"You're no longer longer Gabriel Gray...that life is over...Sylar is dead. You're no longer Sylar (Sylar)'re no longer Sylar no longer Gabriel Gray...your life is over Sylar... he's dead! You're now Nathan...Petrelli Nathan Petrelli....son, brother, father, senator, Nathan...Petrelli."
― - Matt Parkman to Sylar, when changing his thoughts, personality and memories to Nathan Petrelli

The power to overwrite the memories, personalities, and intentions of the user or others. Sub-power of Personality Alteration.


The user can overwrite the memories, personalities, intentions, preferences and habits of oneself or others with another character they choose.



  • May not able to be their true selves again.
  • If they think they are serial killers, bank robbers, cult members, or any other, it will lead to dangerous results.
  • May rewrite their own or others personality.
  • They'll become a character that depends on what character they saw, created or acted on.
  • Might be overwritten by fictional characters only.

Known Users


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