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The ability to create a Personal Domain. Variation of Creation.


User can create a Personal Domain: an area in which a being has absolute power, through magical, supernatural, scientifically, or other means. Domain may be a physical area, or an entire omniverse.




  • User may be powerless or at least less powerful if they are outside of their domain.
  • Domain can possibly be destroyed. But another can be created.
  • Users may not be aware of everything in their own domain.

Known UsersEdit

  • God-Father (Many Religions); Heaven and Earth
  • The-One-Above All (Marvel)
  • 5th Dimensional Imps (DC Comics)
  • Fullbringers (Bleach)
  • Taiitsukun (Fushigi Yuugi)
  • Ruvik (The Evil Within)
  • Players (Minecraft Creative mode)

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