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"Down here I make the rules. Down here I make the threats. Down here... I'm God!"
― The Trainman
"This is my home, Azazel; my place of power. This is the Heart of the Dreaming. Reality here conforms to my wishes; it is what I wish it to be-- no more, no less."
― Dream, The Sandman - Season of Mists

The power to rule over a certain realm. Opposite to Domain Destruction.

Also Called

  • Lordship


User has a Personal Domain: an area in which a being has absolute power, through magical, supernatural, scientifically, or other means. Domain may be a physical area, or an entire dimension. Some users may even possess Omnipotence within their Domains.


  • Authority may be used to give orders or otherwise assume control of a Domain, imposing Law or Chaos as one wishes.
  • Cosmic Teleportation may be result of possessing a Domain, allowing the owner to teleport to their domain at will, and be in any location within at once.
  • Dimensional Manipulation can also be attained within ones Domain,
  • Infinite Supply possess an infinite amount of anything they desire within their realm.
  • Population Control control the inhabitants of their realm.
  • Physics Manipulation may be available to stronger wielders of this power, allowing them to alter the physical laws of their Domain to fit their needs.




  • User may be powerless or at least less powerful if they are outside of their domain.
  • Domain can possibly be destroyed.
  • User can lose the domain to others beings.
  • Users may not be aware of everything in their own domain.
  • May not have Omnipotence.
  • Users of Realm Closure can seal the realm, preventing the user from either entering or leaving.
  • Weak against Domain Manipulation.

Known Users


  • God-Father (Religions); Heaven and Earth
    • Yahweh (Judeo-Christian Mythology) All the Existence
  • Lucifer (Christianity); Hell
  • Hades (Greek Mythology); Underworld
  • Poseidon (Greek Mythology); the Sea
  • Zeus (Greek Mythology); the Sky


Live Television

  • Peter Pan (Once Upon a Time); Neverland
  • Erasmus Darkening (The Sarah Jane Adventures); Marchwood Manor


  • The Beldam/Other Mother (Coraline); The Other World
  • World (Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends); world in the toy chest
  • Shadow Demon/Monster (Samurai Jack)
  • The Crystal Gems (Steven Universe); The Temple
  • Discord (My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic); Chaosville


  • The Endless (DC/Vertigo); each has a realm that embodies their concept
    • Dream of the Endless (DC/Vertigo); the Dreaming
  • Mephisto (Marvel); Hell Dimension
  • Hela (Marvel); with Helheim
  • Sunset Grace (Marvel Comics); her personal dimension
  • Damien Hellstrom (Marvel Comics); his personal Hell Dimension
  • Dormammu (Marvel Comics); Dark Dimension
  • Rorkannu (Marvel Comics); Dank Dimension
  • Malebolgia (Image Comics); the 8th Circle of Hell
  • Mammon (Image Comics); the 9th Circle of Hell
  • Ixus Naugus (Sonic the Hedgehog); Zone of Silence


  • Kazakiri Hyouka (A Certain Magical Index); the Imaginary Number District
  • Yoshimori (Kekkaishi); via Shinkai
  • Trafalgar D. Water Law (One Piece); The area within his Ope Ope no Mi's range.
  • Toon Monsters (Yu-Gi-Oh!); Toon World
  • Nereid (Tales of Eternia); Vatenkeist
  • Yuzuha (Tenchi Muyo)
  • Some Psychics (Yu Yu Hakusho); his Territory
  • Dream Demons (Yumekui Merry)

Video Games

  • Ascendent Hive (Destiny)
  • Dimentio (Super Paper Mario); Dimension D
  • Fiends and Greater Fiends (Ninja Gaiden Series); Fiend Underworld.
  • Sheogorath (Elder Scrolls) Shivering Isles
  • Mehrunes Dagon (Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion); The Deadlands
  • Azura (Elder Scrolls); Moonshadow
  • Boethia (Elder Scrolls); Snake Mount or Attribution's Share
  • Clavicus Vile (Elder Scrolls); Clavicus Vile's Realm
  • Hermaeus Mora (Elder Scrolls); Apocrypha
  • Hircine (Elder Scrolls); Hunting Grounds
  • Malacath (Elder Scrolls); Ashpit
  • Meridia (Elder Scrolls); Colored Rooms
  • Molag Bal (Elder Scrolls); Coldharbour
  • Namira (Elder Scrolls); Scuttling Void
  • Nocturnal (Elder Scrolls); Evergloam
  • Peryite (Elder Scrolls); Pits
  • Sanguine (Elder Scrolls); Misty Grove
  • Vaermina (Elder Scrolls); Quagmire
  • Mankar Camoran (Elder Scrolls); Paradise
  • Dyntos (Kid Icarus Uprising); Dyntos' Workshop
  • Shao Kahn (Mortal Kombat); Outworld
  • Quan Chi and Shang Tsung (Mortal Kombat); Outworld (briefly)
  • Ares (God of War)
  • Ruvik (The Evil Within); his mental-scape
  • Moon Presence (Bloodborne); Hunter's Dream
  • Wall Demon (Valkyrie Crusade)

Known Locations

  • Corona House Room 106 (Invaders of the Rokujyouma)
  • Paradise (Wolfs Rain)


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