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The power to cause the Perfect Storm. Not to be confused with Disaster Manipulation.

Also Called

  • The Worst Case Scenario


User can cause a perfect storm, meaning to cause major or absolute Destruction at any time. Most likely, this power occurs as a surprise. As lots of things can occur, the user may control it, but it may be hard to handle, henceforth, it is the users fault for calling this power among.

The Perfect Storm is also called The Worst Case Scenario. It contains immense destruction and chaos. Power and destructive objects are the users main attraction as they use it to cause more and more destruction; they could be an Anti-God.




  • May not be able to manipulate the disaster.

Known Users

  • C.I.A. (American Dad); via top secret weather control division
  • Ba'al (Ba'al: The Storm God)
  • Talos (Forgotten Realms)
  • Lord English (Homestuck)
  • Amatsu Mikaboshi (Marvel Comics)
  • Ten-Tails (Naruto)
  • Mewtwo (Pokémon: The First Movie)

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