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Power to manipulate parts of any object. Sub-power of Object Manipulation.

Also Called

  • Piece Manipulation
  • Sectional Manipulation


The user can create, shape and manipulate parts of any object, whether it be a building, a machine, furniture, organic body parts or just about anything else. Users can manipulate the leg of a table, an engine of a car, a pipe of a sink, an internal organ, the legs of a person, the steps of a ladder, the CPU of a computer, etc. Some users are able to manipulate more than one parts of an object. The user cannot manipulate the whole object itself, though.




  • May need to use a lot of effort when manipulating multiple parts of an object.
  • Distance and the amount of matter depends of the strength and skill of the user.
  • Cannot manipulate the complete object at once.
  • May need knowledge of certain parts of certain objects such as those of technology to manipulate them well.

Known Users

  • Tazuna Takatsuki (Hand Shakers)

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