"There are so many feelings in this world, I can't wait to share them with you..."
― Final Words (Nagi no Asu)

The ability to sense and feel emotions of billions or more subjects at once. Advanced form of Empathy. Not to be confused with Remote Empathy.

Also Called

  • Omni-Empathy


The user is able to sense and feel emotions of billions or more subjects at once. Some advanced Panempaths may possess equally powerful Emotion Manipulation abilities, enabling them to control countless subjects at once. Highly advanced panempaths are able to locate even the most inconspicuous of beings via feeling them in the essence of those around them due to negative and positive intent. Users can also learn to read even the smallest of emotional imprints left into environment or objects and know even the smallest of details left in an environment.




  • May not be able to turn ability off.
  • Constant mental strain may have effects on physiology.
  • May suffer from mental breakdown, so pacing and proper concentration may need to be required to off-set them.
  • Opponents without emotions or Apathy are resistant or completely immune to the user's senses.
  • Users of Psychic/Empathic Shield (resistant) and Psychic Immunity (impervious).

Known Users

  • The Life Entity (DC Comics)
  • Kazuya Aoi (Freezing); via Novalizing
  • Empath (Marvel Comics)
  • Empathy (Marvel Comics)
  • The Shepherd (Tales of Zestiria); via Purification
    • Sorey
  • The Lifemaker (UQ Holder)