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The power to generate oxygen. Sub-power of Oxygen Manipulation, Gas Generation and Miasma Emission. Variation of Air Generation. Opposite to Deoxygenation.

Also Called

  • Oxygenation


The user can generate oxygen allowing to do most things that would make the user short of breath, such as diving underwater, holding one's breath, and etc. Some users can use it in close situations such as if they were getting choked to death, locked in a airless room, or things related to the heart.


  • Heat oxygen up for a Fire Aura.
  • Never run out of breath.
  • Carry other chemical compounds to react with oxygen (Like hydrogen to make water).
  • Make your own rocket fuel.



  • Poisonous if inhaled too much.
  • Generating too much oxygen increases the risk of a single spark (fire, electricity, etc.) igniting the air.
  • Deoxygenation

Known Users

  • Mumbo Jumbo (Banjo-Kazooie)
  • Poison Ivy (DC comics)
  • Weather Report (JoJo's Bizarre Adventure)
  • Crystal (Marvel Comics)
  • Grass-type Pokemon (Pokemon)
  • Ayase Terada (S-CRY-ED)
  • Blowfish (Ben 10: Ultimate Alien)


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