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The ability to produce energy alternating and guiding satellites. Sub-power of Energy Constructs and Arcing Blasts. Variation of Transitional Phasing Beam.

Also Called

  • Panoptic Ocular Laser System


User can project and control materialized energy spheres which serve to channel and redirect the multitudinous energy arcs produced from the users eyes into multiple directions.

Said conduits can also have other effects like changing or mixing the natures of said energy, charging the potency of their optic blasts, focusing it to a fine needle point for better precision strikes as well as acting as a secondary visual projector connected to its handlers own viewing ability. allowing them to see anything and everything within a certain radius around themselves possibly even peering into various perceptible spectra.



Known Users

  • Radius Gnis (Aquarion Evol)
  • Scott Summers/Cyclops (Marvel Comics); learned to control and project his optic blast this way.
  • Haran/Stirrir (Trace)