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Power to use the powers and traits of an Orang Minyak. Variation of Cryptic Physiology.

Also Called


User with this ability either is or can transform into an Orang Minyak (Malay, "Oily Man"), a male spirit with pitch-black skin whose nocturnal attacks comprise typically of sexual assault, which is directed most commonly toward virgin women (though, any women are potentially vulnerable).

Orang Minyak are said to be creatures which already exist (which may be summoned and controlled by shamans), though men can also be cursed to turn into an Orang Minyak if they attempt to win the love of a woman with magic.





  • May cause tendency toward a solitary, nocturnal lifestyle.
  • May cause strong sexual urges (high tendency toward rape and other sexual assault-often virgin women, but other women, as well).
  • May cause tendency toward nudism, or at least a desire to wear as little as possible.
  • May be especially vulnerable against magical influence by shamans.
  • May be unable to use magic powers unless one consorts with dark forces, and manages to rape 21 women within a week.
  • Can be warded off by having one's left thumb bitten, and covered in batik.

Known Users

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