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"What will you do when your friends, your enemies, your lover, are all Darkseid? When there is one body. One mind. One Will. One Life that is Darkseid. Will you be the enemy of all existence, then?"
― Darkseid, to Superman

The power to infect existence. Variation of Existence Manipulation.

Also Called

  • Existence Infection


The user infects the very nature of the subject's existence. The prefix "onto" has to do with the nature of being or existing, pathogenic has to do with being infectious, and so ontopathogenic has to do with infecting the physical existence of a thing. Unlike common diseases or pathogens that only infect on a biological level, Ontopathogen causes infection on a metaphysical level. Just like pathogens, they can spread to other existences.




  • There may be some existence that proves unaffected such as Existential Perfection.
  • The user may eventually become infected too.

Known Users


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