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The ability to teleport via dreams/sleep. Technique of Dream Manipulation, variation of Teleportation.

Also Called

  • Dream Teleportation/Transportation/Travel/Portal
  • Nightmare Teleportation/Transportation/Travel/Portal
  • Sleep Teleportation/Transportation/Travel/Portal


User can teleport via dreams/sleep to anywhere where something dreams/sleeps and/or teleport subjects into dreams, trapping them within.

Depending of the user, some need to dream/sleep themselves, touch/see the someone dreaming/sleeping, others simply need to know there is someone dreaming/sleeping nearby, some merge into one dreamer/sleeper and emerge from other one, others can pop up from anywhere near a dreamer/sleeper to anywhere near a dreamer/sleeper.




  • Obviously, lack of dreamer/sleeper on the other side prevents the traveler from reaching through.
  • May have to navigate between dreams/sleepers to reach the point they want to reach.

Known Users

Known Objects

  • Dream Travel (AD&D)


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