The ability to manipulate pure Omnikinetic forces with unrelenting power. Variation of Omnikinesis. Perfected version of Telekinetic Force Manipulation.

Also Called

  • Hyper Kinesis
  • Pure Omnikinesis
  • Omnikinetic Force
  • OK Force


Users Command Raw Telekinetic Force of tremendous power with such skill and/or experience that they can apply the techniques and traits from more traditional telekinesis to it allowing them to command any force, energy and matter to create a force greater than the sum of its parts at the cost of fine precision control and finesse, users of this power may be so good at handling specific types of kinesis than others that they specialise into it and a few others rather than developing the wide array of abilities at their fingertips.

As a result, the possible applications aren't nearly as numerous and complex as the widely encompassing Omnikinesis, but what is lost in subtlety is gained in sheer power. Users thus cannot perform complex telekinetic operations that their more common counterparts are capable of, being limited to more basic applications. But these are performed with overwhelming power.

Applications (General)

Applications (Details)


  • Cannot perform complex telekinetic manipulations
  • Users should use their powers carefully, as they cannot rebuild what they destroy.
  • Although the potential exists, its unheard of for users to manipulate all forms of energy since their bodies can only handle so much.
    • Overuse and/or manipulating too many forms of energy at once or in rapid succession may cause the brain to shut down referred to as "Burn Out".
    • Abuse of this power may end up snuffing out the user simply from the sheer telekinetic pressure the power puts onto the user meaning it could cause strokes, hemorrhaging, or other lethal trauma.
  • Although technically identical in raw power users can't quite match Users of telekinetic force manipulation since a portion of their power and/or concentration is used to convert their own force.
    • Requires a lot of training before it can be used safely not only due to sheer power but due to the energy potency as well.
    • Momentary lapse in concentration could result in massive damage and innocent deaths
    • Even with extensive training users can only create Crude Constructs and cannot form anything with moving parts
  • May be limited only to energy they can generate or existing forms of energy.
  • Usually unable to perform raw Telekinesis unless specifically trained
  • May not be able to control immaterial targets, like concepts.
  • May have a limitation on how much energy they can generate due to physical or mental limitations.
  • While Extensive specialised training can achieve some select techniques of more traditional telekinesis/psionics it is still performed with much less control and/or accuracy.
  • May have to be taught the intricaties of a specific element/force/energy before they can use it.

Known Users

  • Key/Tokiko Mima (Key the Metal Idol)
  • Apex Twins (Warhammer 40k)
  • Oliver Martin (X-Files)