The power to create anything without any limit. Sub-power of Omnipotence. Opposite to Absolute Destruction.

Also Called

  • Absolute Creation/Materialization
  • Boundless Creation/Materialization
  • Divine Creation/Materialization
  • Infinite Creation/Materialization
  • Limitless Creation/Materialization
  • Meta Creation/Materialization
  • Omni-Creation/Materialization
  • Ultimate Creation/Materialization
  • Unrestricted Creation/Materialization


The user can create anything without limits, including concepts, existence, reality, and even the totality itself. They can also create from nothing or even to create one thing from another e.g. manifesting an image from a comic book, creating life from the dead, and duplicating anything. The user can create basically anything they choose on an unlimited scale.





  • The user may create something that might be dangerous to their own well-being
  • Though the ability allows the user to create anything, it does not allow the user to control anything.
  • Absolute Restoration may be able to restore what was created back to nonexistence.
  • Absolute Destruction and Nonexistence can obliterate what was created.

Known Users

  • God (Abrahamic Religions)
  • The Admins (Minecraft Story Mode)
  • The Dragon (Touhou)
  • The One-Above-All (Marvel Comics)
  • Presence (DC Comics)
  • Michael Demiurgos (Vertigo/DC Comics)
  • God (Bruce Almighty/Evan Almighty)
  • Haruhi Suzumiya (Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya)
  • Users of the True Words (Planescape)
  • The Choushin (Tenchi Muyo! Ryo-Ohki)
  • Lord Garmadon (Lego Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu)
  • Maxwell (Scribblenauts series)
  • Demon Lord (Sekai Maou)
  • Snake Of The Festival (Shakugan No Shana)
  • Kevin Thorne (Fables)
  • Kaos (Skylanders); after combining Mind Magic powers with Brains'
  • Dyntos (Kid Icarus Uprising)
  • Chifuyu (Inō-Batoru wa Nichijō-kei no Naka de)
  • Goddess of Dawn (Invaders of the Rokujyoma)
  • Harihara (Valkyrie Crusade)
  • The Mother of Existence (Spawn)
  • Austin/Captain Hammer (The Backyardigans)
  • Doctor Monty (Call of Duty: Black Ops III)


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