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The power to oppose anything and everything.

Also Called

  • Antiextistence
  • Opposite Existence
  • Reverse Existence


Omnicounter allows the user to oppose to all things, beings or powers. The power is split into sections where it counters that all original positions with opposites. It opposes basically anything with its direct opposites e.g. existence with nonexistence, life with death, fire with water, or fake with real vice versa, but not fire with nonexistence or good with darkness etc.



These are powers that receive defiance with a redirected opposition as well:


These are powers that oppose originality:



  • Does not work on entities without an opposite.
  • Does not work against Balance.
  • Cannot oppose Singularity users.

Known Users

  • Anti-Fairies (Fairly Odd Parents)
  • Leonardo (Highschool DxD); via Annihilation Maker
  • Bizarro World inhabitants (DC Comics)

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