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"Kill one man, and you are a murderer. Kill millions of men, and you are a conqueror. Kill them all, and you are a god"
― Jean Rostand

The ability to kill all life in existence. The ultimate version of Death Inducement.

Also Called

  • Life Wipe-Out
  • Massacre
  • Universal Genocide


User can kill all life on the planet that you are inhabiting, or all life in existence, excluding themselves.



  • Causes the planet to deteriorate due to lack of plant life to sustain it.
  • Indiscriminate, killing even unintended targets, including the user.
  • May be irreversible.
  • May be reversed with Death Negation.
  • May require ample preparations/ceremonies prior to the actual ability being able to activate.
  • Immortals are unaffected.
  • Users of Infinite Resurrection will always return to life.

Known Users

  • Speakers of the Deplorable Word (Chronicles of Narnia)
  • Phoenix (Fairy Tail: Priestess of the Phoenix)
  • Grand Caster (Fate/Grand Order)
  • Grane (Gokukoku No Brynhildr)
  • New Son/Sun (Marvel Comics)
  • Death (Mythology/Folklore)
  • Lilith (Neon Genesis Evangelion); via Third Impact
  • Fanoxean (The Young Guardians)
  • Chise (Saikano)
  • Sailor Saturn (Sailor Moon)

Known Powers

  • Armageddon (Ultima Series)


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